Behind The Name

Friendship occurs when there’s a pairing of souls with mutual interests.

When paired with great wine, it’s hard to resist toasting to anything other than the happiness and joy that blends those souls together.

Hence the birth of Beppe, a line of delicious authentic Italian wines.

Barbara and Caterina Candoni De Zan may have been sisters since birth, but they’ve also been lifelong friends. Taking part in the family legacy, the two have helped breathe life into the expansion of the extensive Candoni De Zan wine selection. Born in Italy and partially raised in the United States, their sisterhood has helped drive a sense of international and worldwide connection into the family business.

Starting as a wishful idea spoken over delicious wine and food at a local “osteria”, the proposal of Beppe was initially born. The once simple dream shared with a good friend known as Giuseppe has since blossomed into a flavorful selection of wines that capture the heart of Italy and the vibrance of friendship and livelihood. Pairing their family’s passion for unique yet culturally captivating tastes, the sisters have curated a new selection of wines to honor those immeasurable connections and happiness.

Beppe is to honor the good life, the friendships that make it great, and to share the blending of those souls over delicious glasses of Italian wine.


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